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Japan: Antec P193 Casing Set To Retail In 4th April

Le 8 March 2014, 07:51 dans Humeurs 0

Links International, one of the retailers in Japan have set to launch Antec's P193 casing on 4th April

Truly in a class of its own, the P193 features a Dual chamber design where the power supply resides in a separate chamber that isolates heat and reduce system noise

Supporting form factors of EATX, ATX, mATX, mini-ITX, the dimensions are 205 × 590 × 514mm (width × depth × height) and weighs 16kg

Here is a breakdown on the other specifications of this lovely black beast.

- 1 rear (standard) 120mm x 25mm exhaust TriCool? fan
- 2 top (standard) 140mm x 25mm exhaust TriCool? fan
- 1 lower front chamber (optional) 120mm fan for HDD
- 1 side (standard) 200mm fan for dual graphics cards

Drive Bays:
- External 4 x 5.25?; 1 x 3.5?
- Internal 6 x 3.5? for HDD

- 2 x USB 2.0
- 1 x eSATA
- Audio In and Out (HDA and AC?97 compatible)

New Features:
Front door vents, as well as wider vents along the door frame, improve airflow into the chassis.

Filters and filter doors are integrated as one unit. The doorsthemselves have been modified to provide greater airflow, resulting incooler system temperatures.

Drive bay covers are vented and include air filters to provide better airflow.

the internals

the top vents

Japan to trial Inter-Vehicle Messaging System

Le 8 March 2014, 07:51 dans Humeurs 0

Japanese car maker Nissan has announced plans to test an "intelligenttransportation system" that sends wireless messages to passing cars. Thecompany said on Friday that it plans to include 10,000 drivers in a 30-monthexperiment. Messages will be beamed optically from roadside beacons to passingcars in the trial. Information received by an onboard computer will then beused to alert a driver to potential danger from an approaching vehicle or informthem of traffic congestion ahead. The test will start on 1st October 2006 onpublic roads in Kanagawa, a prefecture just south of Tokyo, with the car makerhoping to commercialise the system by 2010.


The project is seen as viable in Japan because more than 50%of cars are already equipped with navigational gadgets such as satellite GlobalPositioning System (GPS) receivers, compared with fewer than 10% in the US andEurope. The experiment will test several functions including a "vehiclealert" which tells drivers that another vehicle is moving too fast at ablind intersection. In this situation a voice message warns the driver. Whendrivers are travelling above the speed limit a "speed alert" willbe issued. In a school zone a warning sign appears on the navigation screenand a voice warning states: "School ahead. Watch your speed."

The system also includes "dynamic route finder" whichinforms drivers of the quickest route to their destination using data collectedfrom other vehicles. Drivers will be able to synchronise their cellphone witha car's navigation system in order to relay information about their journeyto a central command system.

Japan to start selling Microsoft's new Touch Mouse next month

Le 8 March 2014, 07:50 dans Humeurs 0


Approximately seven months ago, we ran a story describing what was essentially Microsofts answer to Apples multitouch-capable Magic Mouse, the Microsoft Touch Mouse, which first debuted at CES, and was touted to be capable of supporting gestures made by up to a maximum of three fingers. Unfortunately, Microsoft did not release any concrete details about the mouses release date at that point of time, preferring to simply claim that consumers could expect to see the device hit retail shelves starting from the second half of the year.


Fast forward to the present, and it seems that the long wait for Microsofts new Touch Mouse might soon be at an end, especially if this latest announcement made by the the Redmond giants Japan office is of any indication. Apparently, the Touch Mouse is expected to be made available for sale in Japan come September this year, and that it will reportedly be retailing at the price of 7980 yen, or approximately US$103.

The specifications of the mouse have remained mostly unchanged since its initial debut way back at CES this year; it makes use of Microsofts signature BlueTrack technology, which is reportedly capable of allowing users to utilize the Touch Mouse on virtually any surface, while a nano receiver serves as the link which connects the mouse to ones PC. In addition, the touch sensors on the Microsoft Touch Mouse are also said to be capable of recognizing different finger sizes, a trait which could potentially allows users to map various flicks and gestures to different fingers.

Last but definitely not least, ITmedia has claimed that the Microsoft Touch Mouse draws power from two AA batteries and is reportedly capable of providing up to three months of uptime on a fresh set of batteries. Oh, and it is available in any colour you want, as long as it is black.

Source: ITmedia

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